Talon Longhorns is owned and operated by CDR Markham B. Dossett, USNR (ret). The brand of Talon Longhorns is a capital S on left hip. This brand was registered in McLennan County, Texas in 1871 by Fabius Hoyt Sleeper. Mr. Sleeper was from Liberty Mississippi. He was a Confederate officer and attorney. After the War of Southern Independence he sold his plantation and moved his family to Waco, Texas. He established his law practice and purchased a ranch. The Sleeper Ranch is now the site of Waco High School, New Road and Sleeper Street. His son was William Markham Sleeper. After graduating  in the first class of Texas A&M, in 1879, William joined his father in the practice of law in Waco. Commander Markham B. Dossett is Fabius Hoyt Sleeper’s Great Great Grandson.

Commander Dossett’s father, Walter B. Dossett purchased the Hardway Ranch near McGregor, Texas in 1968. Talon Longhorns operates on the Hardway Ranch which is owned by Commander Dossett, his brother and 3 sisters.

Commander Dossett is an active member of the Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Registry and Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.